628 Area Code

Area code 628 is a North American telephone area code for the state of California. There are 800 prefixes, which apply to this Numbering Plan Area (NPA) code, covering 5 cities in CA, US.

The most voted phone reputation in this area code is Robocaller

628 Area Code Highlights
State CA
# Prefixes 800
Carriers serving 11
# Reputation reports 3

Featured locations/prefixes using this area code:

Last phones reported

628-220-2209 (IRS Scam), 628-333-6418 (Robocaller), 628-333-6647 (Robocaller)

628 Area Code Prefixes Full List

(628)-200San Francisco(628)-206San Francisco(628)-221San Francisco(628)-222San Francisco
(628)-232Inverness(628)-234San Rafael(628)-242San Francisco
(628)-300San Francisco(628)-333San Francisco
(628)-400San Francisco(628)-444San Francisco
(628)-500San Rafael
(628)-600San Francisco(628)-666Novato
(628)-777San Francisco
(628)-800San Francisco(628)-888San Rafael
(628)-900San Francisco(628)-999San Francisco

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