669 Area Code

Area code 669 is a North American telephone area code for the state of California. There are 800 prefixes, which apply to this Numbering Plan Area (NPA) code, covering 15 cities in CA, US.

The most voted phone reputation in this area code is Phishing

669 Area Code Highlights
State CA
# Prefixes 800
Carriers serving 19
# Reputation reports 3

Featured locations/prefixes using this area code:

Last phones reported

669-220-7190 (Other Spam), 669-222-3730 (Phishing), 669-261-8025 (IRS Scam)

669 Area Code Prefixes Full List

(669)-200San Jose(669)-218San Jose(669)-220San Jose(669)-221Los Gatos
(669)-222Campbell(669)-223San Jose(669)-224Sunnyvale(669)-225San Jose
(669)-226San Jose(669)-227San Jose(669)-228San Martin(669)-231San Jose
(669)-232Los Gatos(669)-233Los Gatos(669)-234San Jose(669)-235San Jose
(669)-236San Jose(669)-237Campbell(669)-238San Jose(669)-241Sunnyvale
(669)-242San Jose(669)-243San Jose(669)-244San Jose(669)-245San Jose
(669)-246Sunnyvale(669)-247San Jose(669)-248Sunnyvale(669)-251Campbell
(669)-252San Jose(669)-253Morgan Hill(669)-254Campbell(669)-255San Jose
(669)-256Saratoga(669)-257San Martin(669)-258Morgan Hill(669)-261Snjs North
(669)-262San Jose(669)-263San Jose(669)-264Sunnyvale(669)-265Concord
(669)-266San Jose(669)-267Santa Clara(669)-271Los Gatos(669)-273Santa Clara
(669)-276San Jose(669)-292San Jose(669)-294Campbell
(669)-300Campbell(669)-327Gilroy(669)-333San Jose(669)-342San Jose
(669)-350San Jose
(669)-400San Jose(669)-444Fremont
(669)-800San Jose(669)-888Morgan Hill
(669)-900San Jose(669)-999Fremont

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