747 Area Code

Area code 747 is a North American telephone area code for the state of California. There are 800 prefixes, which apply to this Numbering Plan Area (NPA) code, covering 26 cities in CA, US.

The most voted phone reputation in this area code is Scam

747 Area Code Highlights
State CA
# Prefixes 800
Carriers serving 20
# Reputation reports 1

Featured locations/prefixes using this area code:

Last phones reported

747-231-3898 (Scam)

747 Area Code Prefixes Full List

(747)-200Los Angeles(747)-201Burbank(747)-202Porter Ranch, Northridge(747)-208Los Angeles
(747)-220Agoura Hills(747)-221Los Angeles(747)-222Agoura Hills(747)-223Sun Valley
(747)-224Northridge, Porter Ranch(747)-225Pacoima(747)-226Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys(747)-227Pacoima
(747)-228Glendale(747)-229Los Angeles(747)-230Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys(747)-231Glendale
(747)-232Granada Hills(747)-233Encino, Sherman Oaks(747)-234Burbank(747)-235Porter Ranch, Northridge
(747)-236North Hills(747)-237Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys(747)-238Burbank(747)-239Granada Hills
(747)-240Encino, Sherman Oaks(747)-241Burbank(747)-242Canoga Park, Winnetka(747)-243Sherman Oaks, Encino
(747)-244Sherman Oaks, Encino(747)-245Sun Valley(747)-246Mission Hills, San Fernando, Granada Hills(747)-248Los Angeles
(747)-250Sherman Oaks, Encino(747)-251Pacoima(747)-252Granada Hills(747)-253San Fernando, Granada Hills, Mission Hills
(747)-254Reseda(747)-255La Crescenta(747)-256Valley Village, Studio City, North Hollywood(747)-258Burbank
(747)-261Brbn Brbn(747)-262Sherman Oaks, Encino(747)-263Los Angeles(747)-264Sherman Oaks, Encino
(747)-265Los Angeles(747)-272Los Angeles(747)-283Brbn Brbn
(747)-300Granada Hills(747)-322Mission Hills, San Fernando, Granada Hills(747)-333Los Angeles(747)-334Agoura Hills
(747)-400Los Angeles(747)-444Canoga Park, Winnetka(747)-465Sherman Oaks, Encino(747)-477Los Angeles
(747)-500Granada Hills, Mission Hills, San Fernando(747)-520Los Angeles(747)-529North Hills(747)-555Dir Asst
(747)-600Granada Hills(747)-666Agoura Hills
(747)-777Winnetka, Canoga Park
(747)-800Canoga Park, Winnetka(747)-888Canoga Park, Winnetka
(747)-900Winnetka, Canoga Park(747)-998Sherman Oaks, Encino(747)-999Mission Hills, San Fernando, Granada Hills

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